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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Anemia- Iron Deficiency in Blood

Anemia is the state of decreased number of Red cells in the blood called RBCs or less than the required quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia remains undetected or undiagnosed in many people as the symptoms are minor and people do not get doctors advice.
Common Symptoms of Anemia:
Often, people with anemia complain feelings of weakness, general malaise, or fatigue, , and poor
concentration. Short breath can also be the symptom. There are many other symptoms which are medically more complicated and need medical knowledge to understand. However, If you feel weakness, general malaise, or fatigue and face lower concentration level during your work, must consult with your nearest medical practitioner.

Causes of Anemia:
Anemia or decreased number of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) or low amount of hemoglobin in the blood is due to three major causes. It can be due to low or impaired red blood cell production, blood loss or increased RBC destruction. Blood loss is very common cause of anemia and can be due to iron deficiency in the body. In many children in their teenage especially girls suffer from iron deficiency and their face color gets yellow color or pale. Face withers and white complexion color starts fading.

Treatment of Anemia:
The treatment of anemia depends upon the causes, type and symptoms. One should consult with the concerned medical practitioner for proper diagnosis.

Food Treatment:
Along with the medicines prescribed by the doctor for the low RBC count in the blood, one can recover at a high pace through better food intake. Many people avoid taking iron pills and ask How to treat anemia or low RBC number or decreased hemoglobin through fruit, vegetables and other eatables.

Here are some of the food that can help you increase the RBC number:

Pomegranate for Iron Deficiency:
Take one Red Afghanistani Pomegranate also called Qandhari Anaar everyday with sprinkled salt and black pepper powder. Pomegranate is too good to fill the dietry elements in the human body. It increases immunity. Do not use frozen seeds of pomegranate.

Liver and Heart of Mutton and Chicken:
Liver and heart of mutton and/or chicken are good for the less than normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. The liver and heart curry, twice a week,  is good for anemia patients. Put some onion and garlic in the curry. Sprinkle black pepper and salt on the cooked curry and eat it.

Beetroot for Decreased Red Blood Cells:
Beetroot is very nice vegetable to increase the red blood cells and different types of anemia. Beetroot along with its leaf  cooked with minced meet are very beneficial for the patients of iron deficiency.

Carrot for Iron Deficiency:
Carrot is good in cooked as well as raw form and improves iron level in the blood.

Methi (Fenugreek) for Iron Deficiency:
Methi (fenugreek)leaves are also good for teenage girls with iron deficiency. Girls in the growing age should be given Methi (fenugreek) twice a weak. Methi (fenugreek) helps in making fresh blood and removes weakness. Fenugreek can be cooked with carrots or potatoes. Paratha of Methi leaves is also very good for girls with iron deficiency.

As there can be different reasons for iron deficiency in the blood, consulting a physician is highly recommended for appropriate diagnosis and root cause of the problem.

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The above article has been written to answer the following questions of the readers:
How to treat iron deficiency in the blood or body through diet or good food?
What food is good for iron deficiency, anemia and low RBC number?
Which fruit and vegetables help in curing anemia, low RBC or less hemoglobin?
What food are recommended to cure anemia?



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