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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Swolling Toes in Winter

In winter, most of the people use shoes that save them from harsh weather. Feet usually get prisoned for whole day. This is very common with the working individuals while they are in their offices and when they reach home at night and put off their shoes, the fingers are seen swelled with pain and stiffed.

Sometimes, the swelling irritates so much that it gets hard to wear shoes. Stiffness of fingers and pain makes the whole day and night horrible. Busy work routine for the whole week adds further to the problem and sometimes wearing the formal shoes become impossible due to pain and stiffness.

Turnip for Foot Finger Swelling or Swollen Toes
Swelling in fingers can easily be controlled with the vegetable named Turnip. Turnip is too good for the swelling in fingers and related issues. Definitely you will be thinking that you may need to eat turnip to get rid of swelled fingers. Nope.... you are going in the wrong direction.

Treatment of Finger Swelling through Turnip

Take one middle sized turnip, wash it and cut it into pieces. Do not peel it. Put it in a jug of water and put on fire. Let the water boil for ten minutes. Now put this water into a pot or tub and add some salt in it. Let the temperature of turnip water go down at a level where you can dip your foot in it.

Now first wash and clean your feet with warm water. After that put your feet in the warm turnip water you have prepared. Let the feet soaked for 15 minutes and after that dry your feet with a towel.

After that you need to apply some olive oil like a face cream. Put cotton socks and get comfortable sleep for whole night. When you get up in the morning, change your socks and wear your shoes.

You need to change your socks everyday as wearing clean washed socks everyday prevents from many foot problems. On weekend, put your shoes in sunshine for an hour or so.

Repeat the above treatment every night till you get your foot fingers light, pain free and soft. If you like this article, please share it on facebook and other social media for information of your family and friends.


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