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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Immediate Relief from Cough

Cough is very common disease and people suffer from it with sometimes very embarassing situations. Sometimes it gets so difficult to work, presentation and speech. Cough disturbs all the participants in the meeting and the person suffering from
cough faces difficult situation.

Many oral syrups are available in the market to treat the cough conditions and give relief. However, the cough takes its time to cure properly. Coughing is the way through which our body fights to get rid of foriegn material or mucus from the lungs and breathing passage. Cough can be with or without mucus. There are several reasons or several type of germs that causes the body to coughing.

The medicines mostly used for cough give relief for the time being but take many days to fully cure it. However, we are giving a very simple food treatment for the coughing which will surely provide you instant relief from cough as well as cure it on permanent basis.

Honey is known to be a food that can cure dozens of deseases. Its a natural supplement and gives the energy to the body and the immune system. Use of one table spoon of pure honey with quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder mixed and taken an hour before sleep and after breakfast will give you instant relief and you will recover from cough within a couple of days.

One Tablespoon Honey and Quarter Teaspoon of Black Pepper Powder, mix them and eat this mixture at night and after breakfast, means twice a day.

Honey and Cinnamon (Darchini) is also used to treat cough. The same forumla may be used for honey and cinnamon powder.

However, the first mixture is more effective subject to the purity of honey and black pepper.

Turmeric (Haldi in Urdu and Hindi) is also good for the cough with mucus. If you are also having some secretion with coughing, turmeric is a good solution. Simple tak one whole turmeric, roast it and then grind it to make powder. Take quarter teaspoon of this roasted turmeric powder with tea or luke warm water, and see the cough going from your body. Take it twice a day.

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